Yin and Yang
Yin has connotations of softness, darkness, coldness, and wetness, whereas Yang has connotations of hardness, brightness, heat, and dryness. In a human being, parts of the body are ascribed more Yin or more Yang qualities, as are all the physiological and pathological processes of the whole person.

According to the classical doctrines of Chinese medicine, health is achieved through the harmonious balance between the opposing forces of Yin and Yang. The attraction between Yin and Yang creates a vital energy known as "Qi," (pronounced "chee") or "Chi" which flows to all parts of the body through 14 channels called meridians.

A person who is unwell presents a predominance of Yin or Yang signs and symptoms. Illnesses due to excessive Cold penetrating the body, or characterized by signs of coldness - such as a pallor of cold hands and feet - are categorized as Yin conditions. Conditions due to, or characterized by signs of Heat are categorized as Yang. The treatment involves reestablishing a harmonious balance of Yin and Yang in order to restore health. (Click here for further information)